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Diversity and Inclusion

At the most basic level, diversity is about differences. Inclusion is what we do with those differences. There are all kinds of differences among people. There are things you can see, such as race, gender, and physical ability. Additionally, there is a whole host of things that you cannot see, such as learning style, sexual orientation, mental health, religious beliefs, personal values, and more. Given this understanding, it’s safe to say that diversity is just a natural part of our organizational life. Diversity is all around us, in the people we teach, work with, provide services to, and share a community with. 

Recognizing and appreciating diversity is a critical component of fostering wellbeing. Being a member of a community wherein people feel valued, respected, and supported by others has a positive impact on physical and psychological health, and creates a buffer against stress. Conversely, the experience of exclusion, harassment, and discrimination produces physical and mental health risks to individuals and harms the health of the organization as a whole. In this light, it is in the best interest of every member of our community that we work together to create a healthy workplace culture that is inclusive of everyone.

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